What is growth in business? Worksport thinks about this every day

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What is growth in business? Worksport thinks about this every day

What is growth in business

What is growth in business is a question that investors often ask Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB: FNHI), the parent company of Worksport LTD Inc. They ask this because we have launched an ambitious and dedicated growth effort. Our innovative proprietary and patented tonneau/truck bed covers are finding increasing acceptance internationally. Demand from major companies for private label versions in Canada and the U.S. is growing. Therefore, what is growth in business is on the top of FNHI management — and investors’ — minds. Growth in a business determines not only business strategy but also many courses of action.

Business is always challenging, says Worksport CEO Steven Rossi. There are many obstacles to success. As soon as you set up a business, you are thrust into the ‘business lifecycle.’ It requires adaptation and flexibility. “There is one approach for opening new markets,” Rossi said. “There is another for growth or preserving market share.”

What is growth in business for Worksport and FNHI?

Growth involves the pressure to grow. It never stops. It’s persistent and unwavering. To stay innovative, relevant and competitive, a company must evolve. In Worksport’s case, our tonneau covers were technologically innovative to start with. That was our huge competitive advantage and some even called FNHI a solar energy stock because of the Worksport Helios. They have evolved significantly over time. They have improved immensely. Product feedback and market experience has helped us achieve continuous improvement. New applications have been explored. We like to think at Worksport, innovation never ceases.

Everyone wants to invest when growth kicks in. Some also believe that the absence of growth indicates a decline. At Worksport we are fiercely committed to achieve growth. But not at any cost. We also want perfection. Sometimes we have to be patient. Our future is bright and our growth strategy starts to deliver.

The question “What is growth in business” means for Worksport stepping out of our comfort zone and accelerate revenue growth. We seek opportunities all across North America, Latin America and even China. We don’t stand back. We get out there and pursue it. Even our name, Worksport, was something we had to work hard to secure. We can now use Worksport in the U.S. and are applying to secure it in Canada and China. But now that it is securely ours, we have answered the question what is growth in a business to our satisfaction.

CEO Steve Rossi, the originator of the Worksport tonneau covers often says: “The product comes first. And we have something innovative and proprietary. Financing comes next and we unlocking that together with liquidity and investor interest. So to me, what is growth in a business is something we always consider and question ourselves. We check the idea as a company value. Then we execute flawlessly.”


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