List of acquired tonneau cover companies

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List of acquired tonneau cover companies

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One of the questions our shareholders and potential investors consistently ask relates to the sale of our Worksport subsidiary. As you know, Worksport manufactures and sells tonneau covers for light duty truck market.

While we prefer not to speculate about such matters, we are keenly aware of the pace of merger and acquisition activity in our industry. And we understand that the rapid consolidation continues to fuel speculation that Worksport will also be acquired by a large player. That is not to say that it will never happen. But we are certainly not focused on it.

What we can tell you is that we very much like our position in the tonneau cover market. We are the primary innovator in the market and our competitors are starting to take notice not only of our innovation but also of our ability to produce new designs that are extremely affordable. So, rather than selling our company we are laser focused on increasing our revenue and market share in a market that we fully intend to dominate both on innovation and on price.

But since we are often asked to post a list of acquired tonneau cover companies here it is. We do not guarantee that it is current up to the minute but it should be useful for those who wish to follow the consolidation. If you know of something that we don’t know please feel free to contact us with new information and we will update this list accordingly.

List of acquired tonneau cover companies

Snugtop acquired by Truck Accessories Group

Superlift acquired by Truck Hero

BAK industries acquired by Truck Hero

Bedrug acquired by Truck Hero

Extang acquired by Truck Hero

Truxedo acquired by Truck Hero

Leer acquired by Truck Accessories Group

Pace Edwards acquired by Truck Accessories Group

Centry acquired by Truck Accessories Group

Raider acquired by Truck Accessories Group

Husky Liners acquired by Truck Hero

NFAB acquired by Truck Hero

Retrax Holdings acquired by Truck Hero

Rugged Liner acquired by Truck Hero

Undercover acquired by Truck Hero

ARE acquired by Truck Hero

Advantage acquired by Truck Hero

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