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Our Story as Franchise Holdings International is best told through the story of our Worksport subsidiary. 

We have proven that a committed team with outstanding leadership and experience in the market can accomplish great things and therefore create great investment opportunities. We entered the competitive tonneau cover market in the U.S. and Canada with high quality innovative products that are priced to sell and be profitable at the same time. And despite strong headwinds created by much larger competitors we have answered every challenge and continue to grow organically. 

We are growing and ready to move to the next level because we know that there is market demand for our products. However, our growth has been slowed by a lack of capital which is needed to scale our inventories to support serving the increasing number of customers who want to buy our products and complete development of our new Helios line which has the potential to impact the tonneau cover market.

Our Top Priorities:

Investment Opportunities: Build Inventory to Meet Market Demand

It is not a stretch to say that in 2017 alone we left at least $600k in annual sales on the table. This because we did not have all the inventory required to fill customer orders. The orders have to be filled instantly and therefore we have to increase our inventory. This creates great investment opportunities for our investors. As an investor or potential investor you know, once the required threshold for inventory is met, each sale can rapidly increase the cash flow and therefore grow the inventory and most importantly accelerate revenue growth.

Investment Opportunities: Complete Helios Technology

Our TerraVis product is a tonneau cover with the ability to convert sunlight into storable energy besides that the energy can be used for power electrical tools. This is one of the best investment opportunities for our future growth. It can also extend the driving range of a hybrid or fully electric light duty truck. We believe that this product has the potential to be a game changer in the truck accessory market. We are currently in the prototyping stage for Helios and additional funding would allow us to complete this product and bring it to market. While we seek funding, we are busy developing new ways to reduce our cost per unit. We have been quite successful at this outside investment will put us in a position to further reduce our unit cost and accelerate our revenue growth.

Our approach to working with our investors follows the same principles we use in working with our subsidiary.


Financial Reporting

Accurate, detailed, clear.



Responsible, honest, committed.



Timely, open, concise, responsive.



If there is a better way, let’s find it, together.

Our Corporate Team

We have assembled a cohesive team of employees and outside advisors who believe in our mission and share our goals. Therefore they and we are energized by our vision and feel a sense of accomplishment with each success we achieve together.

Steven Rossi, CEO

For the past ten years CEO Steven Rossi has been developing companies in the automotive industry. Mr. Rossi brings the ability to create a vision, mastermind innovative products and lead his team in the execution of the ensuing strategy. This was clearly demonstrated when his previous company in the auto parts and recycling business was acquired. While he has unquestioned experience and knowledge in the automotive industry he has also acquired the skills to be successful in any industry.

Mr. Rossi is a committed, savvy capitalist yet he is also passionate in his belief that one can make quality products and generates value for the shareholders in the process. One conversation with Mr. Rossi will make it clear that he is the real deal. He wants to be remembered for doing good. Mr. Rossi has created great investment opportunities for interested investors.

Micheal Johnston


Specialized in public company operations, financial statements,  analysis, and IFRS. Holds both the Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada) and Certified Public Accountant (United States) designations. Therefore a great value for our team.

Paul Haber


Operating in corporate finance and capital markets for over 18 years. He has helped many companies navigate the IPO/RTO process and has participated in numerous M&A and financing transactions.

Lorenzo H. Rossi


Over 25 years management experience in technology and founder of the very first E-learning Academy. Served as an Executive Director with Neotel which traded on the TSX.  Managed a budget of 300 million dollars for the York Catholic District School Board.

Craig Loverock

Craig Loverock


A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 24 years’ experience in accounting and finance roles in Canada, the United States and England with both public and private companies.

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