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How do our subsidiaries become the fastest growing companies?

In short: by simply increasing the inventory of tonneau covers for our subsidiary Worksport. This increased inventory will lead to direct sales for all orders and growth can be accelerated immediately. Please read this page to understand how we plan to grow our revenues and what we need to succeed.

Investors want to see their FNHI investment to be among their best stocks on the rise.

We know that shareholder value and stock appreciation for our investors is very important. Franchise Holdings International works very close with the subsidiaries to accelerate growth and become the fastest growing companies in their market. Our experienced management team knows how to grow revenues and increase sales for future growth and maximum shareholder value. This way our subsidiary stays one of the fastest growing companies in the automotive industry. By reading this page you will have a better understanding on how explosive revenue can accelerate when Worksport has enough inventory. You will also understand better why our management team currently has rated Worksport as one of the best companies to invest in for Franchise Holdings International.

We invite you to partner with us and discuss the fastest growing companies in our journey to become one of the stocks on the rise for our shareholders.

Our Expectations

Revenue Growth

Over the past several years we have laid a strong foundation to support the massive growth we are anticipating. However, achieving significant revenue growth for our subsidiary, Worksport, requires three components:


Raise sufficient capital to fund our inventory requirements. Being able to fill existing orders on a consistent basis will put us in a position to move to step number two. We are committed to managing our expenses to free up additional capital to use for inventory growth, but sustainable long term geometric growth will require an infusion of capital.

fastest growing companies
fastest growing companies

As our dealer network expands, revenue is expected to grow exponentionally.


Grow our dealer/distribution network. This will generate the growth in sales we are forecasting but growing our network too much before we can meet product demand on an ongoing basis would be counterproductive to our goals and will not serve the best interests of our customers or of our organization. Our dealers like our products but future growth depends on increasing our fill rates and keeping them at high levels going forward. And that depends on our ability to invest in required inventory levels. Growing our inventory levels will keep Worksport among the fastest growing companies.


Fund the completion of our prototyping, testing and production of the Helios and Alpha Covers. We are overwhelmingly excited about the market potential for these product lines. And we are convinced that it will bring great excitement to the market. Given the above factors it is difficult to forecast our revenue growth with a high degree of certainty. However, we believe that when the funding requirements have been met we will be positioned to grow our revenues exponentially over the next five years. At this time, we project that $1,000,000 USD would be used to fund inventory this with a refined offering of four products and variances to facilitate unique private label and OEM manufacturing to one of several interested large buyers. An additional $2,500,000 within 12 months would finalize the development of the Worksport Alpha and much anticipated Alpha Helios to testing within SEM (Specialty equipment manufacturers) and OEM (truck and electric truck manufacturers). The Helios could be a real big game changer for our shareholders when they talk about companies or stocks on the rise.

fastest growing companies
Listen to an interview with CEO Steven Rossi about the Helios.

Shareholder Value

To maximize shareholder value in the short term we have taken or are taking the following actions.


CEO Steven Rossi retired 100 million of his own shares which was approx. 45% of all outstanding shares. An unique move from the CEO to increase shareholder value. Even among the best stocks on the rise you won’t see this often.


This huge retirement of shares was done without the creation of any toxic debts. Furthermore, we are committed to not funding the company with any derivative or toxic financing. Funding will be equity or debt capital only.


In 2019 and beyond we will present the company at several investor conferences in Canada and the USA.


Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) Dual listing in 2019.

Visibility and Brand Management

For any company or holding company to succeed it must differentiate itself in the marketplace where it competes. Franchise Holdings International understands this at a very deep level and is actively working with its marketing team to expand its online presence, brand recognition and offline exposure. Our online Brand Management and Visibility Program includes major improvements to our web sites, our online marketing and our astute utilization of social media to fuel our strategy. We expect this program to produce initial results late 2018 and reach full impact in 2019. The online exposure for both Franchise Holdings International as Worksport will help in the vision of accelerating growth. This to stay among the fastest growing companies in the market.

stocks on the rise

Growth Vision, Regional Focus

Franchise Holdings International has a view of commerce and economic opportunity. And we are open to evaluate opportunities as they present themselves. However, our current focus is growing our Worksport subsidiary in the United States and Canada. These markets are only 22% penetrated leaving a huge market opportunity for Worksport and its competitors. Our research confirms that in North America 2,500 covers are sold every day in the SEM market alone which translates into annual sales of $638 million a year. This points to a market potential of $2.2 billion per year that has not yet been captured. Competitors have earned $500 million to over $1 billion in revenues. Further proof of the enormous growth potential in this space is that our two closest competitors are in acquisition mode, with acquisitions valued upwards of $125 million USD. Competitor revenues said to be $600 million to $1.2 billion USD. Competitors are selling up to and over 1,700,000 tonneau covers per year, in the United States alone with an average selling price of $525 USD ($750 retail).

Outside of the U.S. and Canada we are aware that there are huge markets in Middle and South America. At the same time, we are actively evaluating possible growth opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, especially Spain, and Africa. Belonging among the fastest growing companies in the market means international expansion.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to read our question and answer section or to contact us directly with any questions you might have. We’d love to talk to you and discuss the opportunities.

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