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News from our markets and our competitors.

We will talk about what it is and what it might mean for FNHI, our subsidiaries and our investors.

Trends. We won’t just be listing news stories.

We will be looking out for trends and reflecting on how we might capitalize on them.

Crazy News.

Every once in a while, there is a happening, a report, a blog or an event that has us all scratching our heads. We'll share these too so we can have a laugh or share an eye roll together.

Government and regulatory actions.

When we learn that such actions are occurring or are about to occur we will bring them to your attention and welcome your thoughts.

Musings from the FNHI team.

We have an amazing team and if you are an investor you are on our team.

I Wonder.

Did you ever see something or think about something that makes you wonder why it is that way? Periodically, we will do the same thing.

Questions from our readers.

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The FNHI Team

Best Return On Investment


Recent (OTCQB:FNHI) news releases have announced Worksport’s success with private label sales which pave the way for the best return on investment for FNHI shareholders. Our tonneau covers are now being customized for larger, well-established national companies in the U.S. and Canada. They will brand the covers with their own names. Management strongly believes that…
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Growth Company

Innovation: difficult but essential to a growth company and success

Worksport has been a leader in innovation from the beginning. Our very first tonneau cover was a breakthrough. It wasn’t like anything else on the market. Being an innovator, however, requires a strong belief in disruption to become a growth company. It means telling people about what’s ahead. The market is almost always lags behind…
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What is growth in business

What is growth in business? Worksport thinks about this every day

What is growth in business is a question that investors often ask Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB: FNHI), the parent company of Worksport LTD Inc. They ask this because we have launched an ambitious and dedicated growth effort. Our innovative proprietary and patented tonneau/truck bed covers are finding increasing acceptance internationally. Demand from major companies for…
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Solar Stocks

Solar Energy Stocks and Transportation Being Transformed by Solar Power

FNHI: OTC IS VERY OPTIMISTIC OVER SOLAR POWER AND THE FUTURE OF SOLAR STOCKS Solar power is rapidly coming to the transportation industry and affects solar energy stocks. All the major auto manufacturers have introduced a hybrid, gas-electric vehicle. Solar stocks Tesla of course and the Chevrolet Volt are all electric. There are many more…
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Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks – The Three M’s of investing: Management, Market and Manufacturing

The three most important tips for trading penny stocks are M, M and M: management, market and manufacturing. According to Franchise Holdings International, there are very good situations in this market. Sophisticated investors owe it to themselves to consider these companies. Even sophisticated investors often don’t understand the opportunities for growth inherent in ‘trading penny…
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Investments Pickups

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

Recently we discussed the possibility of an electric race car. In this edition of the FNHI blog we set our sights on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series where they race pickup trucks. If you are not familiar with it, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is a pickup truck racing series owned and operated…
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Investment in growth stock

Five Questions for FNHI CEO Steven Rossi

Every successful company is guided by its driving force. For FNHI, our driving force is CEO Steven Rossi. You have seen his analyst interviews and read quotes from him in our press releases. But to help you, our readers, gain a deeper understanding of the man on a mission we decided to ask Mr. Rossi…
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First Ford Pick Up Investment

Through the Rear-View Mirror: The Dawn of the Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks sure have come a long way. In a piece written in August 2016 the crew over at Popular Mechanics took us on a walk down memory lane in a photo series they called “15 Pickup Trucks That Changed the World“. The beauty below really caught our eye. It is the 1925 Ford Model…
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Nascar Penny Stocks Worksport FNHI

Can NASCAR Ever Become Environmentally Friendly?

The NASCAR season has passed the half-way point. As the excitement builds toward the Chase and the season’s conclusion we find ourselves intrigued by the possibility of electric race cars. Most long-term NASCAR fans and gearheads have a special love for the smell of the exhaust fumes from the powerful gasoline engines they run. If…
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Invest in Solar technology pickup trucks

On the Journey to the Fully Electric Pickup Truck

Our Worksport subsidiary is developing the Helios tonneau cover. The Helios is designed to capture rays from the sun, store it in a battery and use it to supply electricity to the truck owner for a variety of purposes. Initially, this electricity will be used to power anything from lights to tools. But as electric…
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