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Company Spotlight: 

Worksport Tonneau Covers


Our current lead investment is Worksport, a manufacturer of high quality, cost effective tonneau covers for the light duty truck market. The company’s product line offers innovation, affordability and dependability which is the sweet spot for this market. Worksport currently serves customers in Canada and the United States.


market Potential

best Value

Key Success Indicators

Success in any consumer market requires the right combination of product innovation, market growth opportunity and a compelling value proposition. We believe that Worksport has all three as presented below.


The soon to be released Helios combines a high quality tonneau cover with an ability to capture rays from the sun to create energy which can be used to power electrical equipment and/or extend the range of electric light duty trucks.

Helios provides three key insights into why Worksport is destined to be a market leader. First, it demonstrates the company’s leadership in product development. Second, it shows its understanding of the need for environmentally friendly products that are also functional and highly effective in serving the evolving needs of the end user. Third, its market entry is time to when awareness of the need for environmentally friendly products meets the increasing demand for products that can multi-task without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Value Proposition

Worksport’s value proposition is a powerful blend of its innovative and affordable products combined with its outstanding opportunity to gain significant market share in a growing market.

Market Growth Opportunity

When combined, Worksport and its competitors have only penetrated 22 percent of the market which means that a full 78 percent of light duty pickup truck owners do not have tonneau covers for their vehicles. As the automobile market continues to increase its production of light duty trucks, Worksport is poised for massive and sustainable growth.

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Franchise Holdings International has a great fully owned subsidiary called Worksport LTD. Worksport is a manufacture of innovative tonneau covers. Revenue is growing and new major milestones are set.

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Franchise Holdings International listents and communicates with its shareholders. CEO Steven Rossi retired 100 million of his own shares and avoided any toxic debts to create shareholders value.

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Franchise Holdings International understands that a global approach can be a successor for growth. Theirfor our team has an international network operating to succeed accross the globe.

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Investor Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people on social media say:

    5 star review  Their management team is phenomenal and so is their approach to making this company a national brand. I find them to be a safe investment for anyone, whether that be retail or institutional trading. Their main subsidiary, Worksport, is a manufacturer of innovative tonneau covers. They have a solar cover prototype that I am very excited about - great for the truck enthusiasts and for the environment! Also, revenues are growing, and major milestones are being hit constantly. Go $FNHI!

    thumb Claudia Nieves-Hanzas

    5 star review  I would love to see their stock rise up to what they are actually worth, which IMO is at least 10 times their current valuation. My observation is based on their latest financial reports and the assets they possess (logistics, distribution, patents, etc.) I think FNHI's Worksport brand really has something. Also, they are developing a new solar tonneau cover called the Helios that generates storable power from sunlight - how slick is that?! I can't wait to see what these guys will innovate next.

    thumb Candise Miller

    5 star review  FNHI has put together a solid team. They are led by CEO Steven Rossi who has somehow united a passion for revenue and earnings with a commitment to make the world a better place than when he found it. This unique approach is exemplified in FNHI subsidiary, Worksport, especially in their Alpha Helios product line. Worksport makes tonneau covers which happen to be the top selling accessory item among light duty truck owners. A tonneau cover is in the works that protects cargo and will produce its own electrical power! Pure genius!

    thumb Lynn Everard

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